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Eddie Goldman

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with the legendary wrestler and coach Roy Wood, and his daughter Andrea Wood, about the revival of catch wrestling and their running of The Snake Pit (

In the 1940s, Billy Riley opened Riley’s Gym in Wigan, England. It soon became the worldwide home of catch-as-catch-can wrestling. It later also became known as The Snake Pit. Among many of the great wrestlers trained by Billy Riley were the late Karl Gotch, Billy Robinson, and Roy Wood. Today Billy Robinson and Roy Wood, along with a new generation of wrestlers, coaches, and others, are working to revive this great sport.

In recent years, Roy Wood has focused on training wrestlers in freestyle wrestling at the Aspull Wrestling Club in Wigan. With the international growth of interest in catch-as-catch-can wrestling, he has again started coaching wrestlers in catch as well as continuing to coach freestyle. Thus, The Snake Pit is back.

We spoke with both Roy Wood and Andrea Wood at length by Skype on Wednesday about The Snake Pit and the revival of catch wrestling. We discussed some of the background and history of catch wrestling, the influence of Billy Riley, the need for a united approach among those reviving this discipline, why the rules developed by Billy Riley did not permit either chokes or going to one’s back, how the rules for this latest incarnation of catch wrestling can develop, the establishment of affiliate clubs for The Snake Pit, the use of their web site and social media to educate people about and expand the influence of catch, and much, much more.

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